Driving instructions

Kullasvaarantie 10
45200 Kouvola

There is a guided driveway from Tehontie to the main gate with the sign "RRT GATE A".
Truck parking is next to the main gate.

Access permits

The terminal area is a closed area for which Railgate Finland is responsible for access control and guarding.
Moving in the Kouvola RRT area is only allowed if you have an access permit.

The access permit is either personal or vehicle-specific.
When moving in a closed termial area, you must be able to produce an identification if necessary.
Personal long-term access permits to the area are issued by Railgate Finland.
Visitor permits can be issued by Railgate Finland or the terminal operator.
Vehicle passes to the area are issued by the terminal operator.

General operating instructions

In order to guarantee smooth and safe operation and moving in the Kouvola RRT area, the general terminal instructions and other instructions and plans must be followed.

Kouvola RRT General Terminal Instructions (in Finnish)

Kouvola RRT Service Loacation Description (in Finnish)


Driver's checklist

  • Contact your terminal operator in advance to find out the policies related to the access permit. Make sure your access permit is valid.
  • Ask your operator for a terminal area map, which shows the indicated loading/unloading location and driving routes in the area.
  • Drivers can use the truck park near the main gate.
  • Before arriving at the main gate, make sure the number plate of the vehicle is clean for vehicle identification.
  • When moving outside the cabin of the vehicle or work machine, the driver must wear highly visible and approved yellow warning clothing (CE EN 471 LK2).
  • The driver must stay close to the vehicle during the entire terminal visit. The driver does not have the right to walk unnecessarily in the cargo field.
  • When receiving the load, check that the brands and quantities of the goods you received correspond to the information in the documents, and that there is no visible damage to the load.
  • Check the fastening of the load.
  • If you notice anything suspicious or damage to the transport unit, ask the terminal operator to inspect the transport unit before leaving the area.
  • Follow the more detailed instructions of your terminal operator regarding loading/unloading the vehicle and driving routes.


Karttakuva Kouvola RRT:n pääportin, GATE A:n alueesta ja terminaaliin ajosta.

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